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"Spent a night here with our friends. We went on a river walk, got to experience a cultural dance show and had amazing fresh organic food! Santosh has put a lot of thought into his eco resort and the rooms are consciously curated. Really enjoyable and comfortable stay!"
Rebecca Youdell
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We are happy to go to Bagaicha Adventure Resort. Food is yummy, Staff friendly, location nice, room unique. We all have lovely time together. Thank you my family for arranging this trip at Bagaicha Resort. Jungle and Horse riding is best experience for me. I want to give 5 star to Bagaicha.
Garima M
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Santosh and his staff were amazing. They have built an eco resort that’s comfy and has great food. The safari was amazing, saw 10 rhinos up close and seems to be carried out in a really sustainable way. The rakshi was good too 😉 enjoyed a lot at Bagaicha.
Timothy Loveridge
Google Review
Amazing resort with Rammed Earth technology. I have heard about this technology resort in Nepal for the 1st time. Best view, location, best service, amazing local food and innovative the most. Amazing resort with Rammed Earth technology. Awesome experiences, authentic vibes.
Dinesh Giri
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We had an amazing honeymoon experience at Bagaincha Garden, enjoying the wonderful hospitality and jungle vibes. Both my wife and I were thrilled with the organic food and beverages, which are our favorites. A special thanks to Santosh Sir for his warm and welcoming Hospitality.
Raj Khadka
Google Review
I was so happy to stay in one of the extra and unique resort in Nepal. We been there for 1 night but after being there we have extended our stay and make it 3 night. The service, food, location, area and everything was so perfect. We enjoyed horse riding, cart ride, bird watch, magar cultural dance.
Google Review
This place is perfect for everyone whether you are a nature lover, want to relax, learn about the local culture, religion or go bird watching. We will definitely be returning one day and look forward to seeing how far they go on this incredible concept of sustainable design and architecture.
Julian Watters
Google Review
We go there with family and have sound time. Momo & Pizza in firewood is most wonderful. Focusing on eco friendly things, all the food are yummy with local teste, 100% oraganic. Good hospitality which is one of the best treat from entire team. We will visit again sooner.
Tikaram Sapkota
Google Review
I have been to resort with my friends to have lunch. Love the way they are serving the meal, local Nepali, Tharu meal was so delicious and unique. I am delighted to be there and have lunch with friends in Nepali style cooking.
Sanish Gurung
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